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The Asbestos Liability Risk Analysis (ALRA) Group serves clients who require timely and accurate information and analysis of the risks posed by asbestos-related liabilities and the asbestos litigation. The ALRA Group provides counsel to companies, financial institutions, insurers and others making decisions involving the rapidly-evolving landscape of asbestos liability.

Prior to forming the ALRA Group, its members operated as the Asbestos Trust Fund Services (ATFS) Group. ATFS was organized to provide counsel and guidance in the interpretation and implementation of the asbestos bodily injury claims process under the national Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution, "FAIR" Act. This Act proposed a radically different and new process for the resolution of asbestos-related bodily injury claims in the United States. Under the provisions of the Act, payment of such claims would now be paid exclusively by a mandatory trust fund privately funded by former Defendants in asbestos litigation, together with their domestic and foreign insurance companies.

While some believe that the 2006 shift to Democratic Congressional control and the further shifts resulting from the 2008 and 2010 national elections spelled the end to the FAIR Act, caution is in order. Current Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy (D.-Vt.), was a strong ally to Senator Spector (R-Pa.) on the bill as its co-sponsor, as were other prominent Senators who remain on the Judiciary Committee. The ALRA Group continues to closely monitor the situation.

After activity surrounding the FAIR Act subsided, members of the ALRA Group have found their counsel in demand by former FAIR Act constituencies and others in the business, insurance and financial communities, for assistance in providing information about and providing projections as to future asbestos liability and risk.

As a result, the ALRA Group shifted its focus to providing these services. In recognition of this shift in its role, the ATFS Group changed to its new name, Asbestos Liability Risk Analysis (ALRA) Group.

Group Members

Robert D. Brownson
Brownson Norby, PLLC
Minneapolis, MN
Clayton F. Farrell
Collins, Einhorn,
Farrell & Ulanoff, PC
Southfield, MI
David M. Governo
Governo Law Firm LLC
Boston, MA
F. Grey Redditt, Jr.
Maynard Cooper & Gale
Mobile, AL
James N. Sinunu
Sinunu Bruni LLP
San Francisco, CA
Steven Wright
Wright & Associates, PA
Portland, ME